food & nutrition tip 2 | hormones in chicken


food & nutrition tip 2 | hormones in chicken - poultry in the USA is not allowed to be treated with hormones. Don't be swayed by those food labels. |

Chickens raised in the United States are not treated with hormones. When you go to the grocery store, you will often see on the label that a company will prominently display:

"Raised without hormones"

Then if you look very closely, you will usually see (in teeny-tiny font) the words

"Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones"

So why do food companies put the statement about not adding hormones when they are not allowed to anyway? Marketing. Doesn't it sound better, healthier, more natural to have chickens not treated with hormones. Wouldn't you be much more likely to buy a chicken that stated that it was not treated with hormones than one that didn't make that claim at all?

There is a difference in chickens. Organic chickens are fed a diet of organic foods that will be GMO-free. Pastured chickens will be raised on a pasture outside where they will be able to roam free, bask in the sun (do chickens bask?), and eat what chickens eat.

Just don't be swayed into thinking a chicken raised without hormones is a healthier option.

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