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5 health & wellness apps | realfoodsimple.com

I already listed 7 food related apps to help you eat healthier in 2015. Now I have a list of health and wellness apps to also help you with your 2105 health goals.

All of these apps are ones currently on my phone that I use. If I don't find an app useful after a few weeks, I will delete it, so the ones that are kept are ones that I find really provide value to me.

1. 7 minutes
I love, love, love this app and the concept. As someone who never seems to set aside a lot of time to exercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perfect. Although each session is only 7 minutes, you can repeat each session once or twice to get a longer workout. It may not seem much, but these workouts kick my blogger booty.

2. Sworkit 
Another great workout app that does interval type training.

"Simply choose what part of your body to focus on and how long you have. Sworkit will create a custom circuit training workout using just your bodyweight."

3. Balanced 
I use this app to remind me of those little things I want to do either once a day or throughout the day. It is really simple and basic and has a clean design.

I have added things like:
  • Lemon water in the morning
  • Posture checks throughout the day
  • Yoga - I try to do a pose or two a day

4. Way of Life
This one is similar to balanced. It is to track habits. I have the free version which has the option of two habits, to track. But that is perfect. I don't need a lot of extras on my apps.

5. FitStar Yoga
This is the newest app I have downloaded on my phone. Although I haven't use it for a long time, Tara Stiles, who is the instructor, is one of my favorite yoga instructors. I love her easy, laid-back style.

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