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Food and nutrition tip 1 | butter. You don't have to be afraid of eating butter. It is a real food that is healthy for you. |

Real food does not have to be difficult. Sometimes eating healthy can seem overwhelming with a lot of steps and a lot of new learning. 

The goal is real food simple is just make real food seem simple and uncomplicated. Attainable. 

So I am posting real food tips* to help you on your journey to eating better. 

Tip #1 is about eating butter

Are you afraid to eat butter? Have you heard butter is too fattening, that it has too much saturated fat and that other spreads are a healthier option?

I am here to tell you that butter is a healthy, simple food that you can feel good about eating. Butter has one ingredient...cream. Salted butter has 2 ingredients: cream and salt. It is a simple food: easy to make homemade.

Non-butter spreads may have considerably more ingredients. Some ingredients include:

  • oils
  • natural flavors
  • artificial flavors
  • coloring
  • preservatives

Even if the ingredients list is not long, butter-like spreads usually have highly processed ingredients that are stripped of their nutrients. 

If you look at a label of one of these butter substitutes, they might advertise how they have less fat and/or saturated fat than butter. That may be true but...

You can (and should) eat fat. 

Fat, and saturated fat, do not cause heart disease. Although in the past nutritionists and doctors believed that to be true, it is no longer the case. The research simply does not show that causation. 

Fat also helps keep you fuller longer and helps you absorb certain nutrients, like the vitamins A, D, E, and K. Butter that comes from grass-fed cows that have are pastured has higher amounts of beta carotene and vitamin A and higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Eating real food does not have to be complicated. Butter is a simple, real food that tastes great and can be a healthy addition to your real food life.

* For those of you that have also followed my other blog suzyhomemaker, you may recognize these tips. Before realfoodsimple, I would blog about food, health and nutrition on suzyhomemaker and began a series of real food tips. I decided to revive that series on this blog with fresh graphics and new posts.

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