7 real food apps


With the new year finally here, getting the tools to help with your resolutions is important. And with smart phones, it is so nice how many tools there are to help keep you on the right path.

Although I love simplicity and minimalism, I tend to be an app hoarder. When I hear of a good app, especially relating to food, I will download it.

These apps are ones that I use regularly and love. They will help you on your real food journey.

1.  Dirty Dozen - Every time I go grocery shopping I bring up this app. It lists the most pesticide laden and least pesticide laden fruits and vegetables. When I want to buy a particular fruit or veggie, I will check this app to see if it is better to go organic.

2. EWG Foodscores They score foods based on nutrition, ingredients, and food processing to help you pick healthier food products.

3. Fooducate - Gives you nutritional values of the foods you eat including controversial ingredients.

4. Farmstand - Connects you with locally grown food.

5. Nutrition Quiz - This is a fun new app that has trivia questions about food and healthy eating. I played for longer than I would like to admit when I first got it.

6. myshopi - There are a ton of grocery shopping list apps and I think I have tried them all. This one has been my favorite for a while. It is very simple without a lot of extras. A nice basic list. Planning out meals and groceries is a great way to keep you on track with real food.

7. How to cook everything - This has a ton of great recipes and it is super easy to navigate. So you won't feel lost despite the amount of information. Many of these recipes are very basic and simple as well.

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