Real.   Food.   Simple.

The name kind of says it all.
This site was started to simplify the process of eating real food. To decrease the processed, less-healthy foods and increase food that is less-processed, closer to nature, more in season - eat more real food.

It's not just about healthy food. Real eating may include sweets, it may include processed foods. It may include overindulging. It may include fast food and quick meals. It may include unbalanced meals with not a veggie in site. 

I believe in REAL EATING. I have cookies in my cupboards. I struggle to eat fruit. I love to bake with real sugar - and eat it. Eating healthy is a process that shouldn't feel like a struggle. It should not feel like you are completely deprived. It shouldn't be depressing. We should be able to eat foods without feeling judged. 
Yes, we need to make sure that those less-than-healthy-foods are not in excess, but only sharing the best of the best on instagram helps no one. It creates an ideal that might be nice to look at but does not give confidence in achieving it. 

All kinds of food, but mostly on the simple side. Eating with ease, cooking with ease. I love fancy recipes that look amazing, but I don't make those on a regular basis. I love throwing things together and having success. I will even post recipes that I have not made multiple times (what!?!). Yep, although I do think it is important to recipe-test, I also want to show that you can throw recipes together without practicing a ton and still create good food. And so many recipes I do are so stinkin simple you may not even need a recipe. 

But eating healthy can seem complicated. There is so much information out there, it is hard to know what to follow and who to believe. There are many legit nutritionists out there giving great, science-based information, yet at the same time there are many people out there with barely any education calling themselves "wellness advocates", "wellness educators", "nutrition educators", "health coaches", etc. And yes, I purposely put each one of those in parenthesis because I truly believe there are way too many people out there giving advice but not willing to spend the time to truly educate themselves. 

That's not to say there is only one path to nutrition and that a degree is always required. Believe me, I have also been judged for not being a dietitian and only having a Master's in nutrition. But what I have seen in the nutrition industry in the last few years is an influx of "experts" who have little to no formal education with something to sell - supplements, shakes, detox products, etc. 

It makes things not simple. 

So if you are here to the end - welcome and I hope you enjoy my real food simple point of view.