Welcome to real food simple. The goal of this blog is to bring simplicity to food and muddle through all the health and nutrition advice to figure out what is real. 

But that is not how it started.

Over 5 years ago I started this blog to talk more about "healthy food", nutrition, and recipes. I was very into making things from scratch and I wanted to the least amount of processed ingredients. I thought preservative were bad, GMOs were evil, organic was good, and making everything from scratch was best. 

I have changed.

There is a great saying that goes "know better, do better"
I think it is overused but it really does ring true. It is so important to always be learning, growing and opening your mind to new things or old things with new information. 
If you are so set in your ways that you think you are always right and how you have always thought is right, no one benefits. 

Food and nutrition changes. Science changes. New research comes out. And as we experience more life and different situations we realize that things are not cut and dry. What we have always thought might not always be true and changing our minds with new information is great. 

So I no longer fear processed foods, long ingredients lists, GMOs, non-organic, corporate food, big agriculture, and pharmaceutical companies. 

I do fear the amount of misinformation when it comes to all things food. I hate the fear-mongering that gpes along with the natural industry. There is something called the nature fallacy where people think natural is better Boy was that me! I not only believed it but I am sure perpetuated that myth. I am not proud of it, but I have learned from it and opened my mind to things I disagreed with. 

So moving forward, real.food.simple is about making food and recipes and nutrition simple while keeping mindful of real science and real research and not perpetuating the pseudo science myths that are so prevalent. 

So if you are here to the end - welcome and I hope you enjoy my real food simple point of view.