4 ingredient - 5 minute homemade mayonnaise


4 ingredient - 5 minute homemade mayo | www.realfoodsimple.com

If you are buying mayonnaise from the store because you think you don't have time to make homemade, this 4 ingredient 5 minute mayonnaise will change your mind.

With all real food ingredients, no GMO soy or canola, no preservatives, and no scary ingredients, this is a much healthier option and so quick and easy.

*Note: so I edited the video below during the addition of oil and sped it up so you wouldn't have to watch the most boring and longest part. Then when I uploaded the video, the sound was completely off. My mouth was moving, but the words did not match at all. I couldn't even watch it, it was so annoying. So I had to re-upload this longer video without speeding up the boring part. I have no idea why that happened. I recommend skipping past the part where I am slowly adding oil, unless for some reason you find it mesmerizing :)