20 in 30 challenge for October | no sugar


20 in 30 challenge for October | no sugar | realfoodsimple.com

My October 20 in 30 challenge is....(well I guess you can see it up there in the picture) no sugar.

Sugar can be so detrimental to our health, as we all know, but that doesn't mean a cookie, a piece of cake, a couple M&Ms, a homemade doughnut, etc.
doesn't somehow make it into my mouth.  :)

So a few days ago, as I was contemplating what my 20 in 30 challenge this month should be, I thought back to my eating habits of the past month or so. I actually did great in August in terms of sugar, and then towards then end of August early September, baked goods and such kept creeping back into my kitchen. So I knew what I needed to do.

This challenge scares me a little bit. It should. These shouldn't be so easy that you don't have to work for it or make some effort. One of my favorite quotes is

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got"
So if you do not push yourself, even a little, you cannot expect change.

Your turn: What will your 20 in 30 challenge be this month?

Doesn't have to be the same as me, but it can if you want it to.

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