20 in 30 challenge | march - smoothie bowls


20 in 30 challenge | march - smoothie bowls. This month I am challenging myself to have a smoothies bowl 20 out of the 30 (31) days of the month. | realfoodsimple.com

Each month I will be doing a different 20 in 30 challenge: 
doing something healthy for 20 out of 30 days of the month.

Another month, another healthy challenge. I so happy I decided to challenge myself each month to do something healthy instead of making a few goals for the entire year. Now each month can be a fresh start. 

Which is good because I did not get my 20 days in February. To recap, February was my liver support challenge. I challenged myself to do 4 things for 20 days that would support my liver. Those things were: lemon water first thing in the morning, include turmeric in my diet, include milk thistle/dandelion in my diet, and forgo alcohol. 

At first I thought the turmeric would the hardest. I am not a fan of that spice and could not think of recipes to put it in. I gave in and just bought some turmeric supplements. Lemon water was easy and milk thistle was also a supplement. But the wine. Oh the wine. That was my downfall. It wasn't even like on the days I "cheated" I drank a bunch. Sometimes it was only half a glass. But regardless, I still gave in. 

But March is a new month.

So this month I am doing smoothie bowls. What is a smoothie bowl? It is basically a smoothie, put in a bowl and then has chunky, crunchy things added to it. For example a green smoothie with granola. A smoothie with some nuts and seeds, etc. It's like a cross between a smoothie, a parfait, and cereal. 

I am excited for this challenge because it means getting in more fruits and veggies each day. It means one meal is already planned out. It should give me more energy throughout the day. And it is adding something healthy instead of trying to take away something unhealthy. 

It's about that time where New Year's Resolutions start to wane. Doing a 20 in 30 challenge each month will help you stay on track. 

What will you do for your 20 in 30 challenge?

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