the simplest slow cooker chicken - 2 components


The simplest slow cooker chicken recipe. It only uses 2 components. This is the perfect weeknight meal for a busy family. |

This truly is the simplest, easiest, best slow cooker chicken recipe I have come across. I have been making it monthly (sometimes weekly) for years. My mom gave me this recipe years ago and it has never failed me.

Why 2 components?

There really are only 2 things you need for this chicken - a whole chicken and spices. I could say 2 ingredients, but one component (the spices) could be made up of several ingredients. I am really trying to use the term ingredients to talk about individual items. Like my 10 ingredients or less real food board.

So on to the simple recipe.

1 whole chicken
~ 2-3 Tbsp. spices - you could use a spice packet as well, but it is really easy to throw together some spices from scratch

In case you are wondering, no you don't need any liquid. I promise.

1. Rub spice mix over entire chicken.
2. Place chicken in the slow cooker - breast side down*.
3. Cook for 6-8 hours on high.

*You don't have to do breast side down, but it really is so much better. The breast tends to be the driest part of the chicken. By cooking the chicken upside down, the breast gets cooked in the juices and does not dry out. I have even roasted chickens in the oven upside down for this same reason.