why I blog


Thanks for stopping by Real Food Simple. My name is Suzy. I originally started blogging at suzyhomemaker over 4 years ago. (see what I did there? my name is suzy and my blog is suzyhomemaker - yeah, ok, not so clever)

I started blogging to teach people about food. My background is in nutrition and in my working-outside-of-the-home life I have done a lot of nutrition education. I wanted to start blogging to reach a larger audience and teach more people about healthy foods, healthy eating, and cooking.

Over time, suzyhomemaker became more of a green lifestyle blog. I enjoyed it because I could talk/share/teach about anything related to the home. Then about a year ago I decided to niche it! (not even a term until now) I wanted to refocus on real food and cut out the homemaking.

Why I blog

Over the last few months I have realized that eating healthy, real food is not a given. It can be hard for people to cook from scratch, read food labels, research ingredients, and change habits. I noticed it with family and friends. For a while I was stuck in my own real food bubble. I thought most people read the same things I read and cooked and shopped the same way I did. I wasn't sure I had a lot to contribute to the real food movement.

But lately I have opened my eyes and started observing more. I realized that just because I obsess spend a lot of time reading about real food, not everyone does. There are still many who confused by all the food/nutrition messages. That may be you. They want to find a trusted source of information where they can go to learn about eating better.

That is why I blog. To reach those that want to be healthier, eat more nutritiously, eat real food. Yes, there are other blogs out there that are also talking real food. But it doesn't mean you are interested in reading them, just like some people may not be interested in reading this blog. Find a voice/writing style you enjoy, whether it be Real Food Simple or a couple of my favorites:

She Eats
Whole New Mom
My Whole Food Life
Culinary Hill
Nourishing Joy
Pinch of Yum

Hopefully, one or more of these blogs will help you on your path to more real food.

And if you are wondering a little more about me, here is some random Suzy info:

  • I live in NJ - and LOVE it!
  • I am married (to the man I affectionately refer to as #1)
  • I have a beautiful daughter
  • I have a Master's in Nutrition
  • I don't judge what others eat - unless it is balut which I just cannot stomach
  • I have a brown thumb that I am continually trying to dye green
  • I have successfully made sourdough starter that I let die
  • I eat real food, AND M&Ms when playing cards, halloween candy, and other non-real food when necessary (and there are definitely times when it is necessary)
  • I never stress about what I eat when I eat out or at other people's houses
  • I am sarcastic and tend towards a dry sense of humor which may show up here from time-to-time...or often

Ask me anything about food. I may not know the answer, but I would love to learn along with you.

contact me at suzy (at) realfoodsimple (dot) com