5 single-use kitchen tools you should throw away | part 3


5 single-use kitchen items. This is part 3 in the series. There are so many ways to clutter up a kitchen. Keep it simple and avoid these tools. | realfoodsimple.com

This is the third post in the series Single-use Kitchen Tools You Should Throw Away.*
You can read part 1 and part 2 here.

There are so many funny kitchen tools out there. I had no idea I would find this many to share. So here are 5 more single-use kitchen tools you should toss.**

1. Egg Cracker separator - I think your hands would work fine for this task.

2. English muffin splitter  - no words

3. Hot dog Slicer - aka The Dog Dicer

4. Mango Cutter - I guess if you are a huge mango fan and eat them a lot, then this might be worth it.

5. The Banana bunker - and once again the comments on this product make checking it out all worth it.

* I never intended this to be a series, but I kept finding these items. Maybe I can find even more. 

**Or donate, or sell, or give as a gag gift.

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