5 single-use kitchen items...I kind of want


5 single-use kitchen items...I kind of want | realfoodsimple.com

Although I try to keep a simple, minimalist real food kitchen, I do enjoy gadgets at times. The past few weeks I have found a plethora (fancy word) of single-use kitchen items that really are not necessary and just seem to take up space.

However, in the interest of full disclosure, I have found a few items that although they are still single-use, I kind of want them. Will I get them? I am not sure. I really don't have the space for any more things, But if I got them as a gift I might not return them. 

So here is the list of single-use kitchen tools I kind of want:

1. S'mores maker - I think s'mores are my favorite dessert. They are pretty high on the list at least. And I love sitting in front of a fire roasting a marshmallow until it catches on fire and burns to a crisp. However, this indoor s'more maker would be so cool!

2. Cutlery Cleaner - In my defense, we do not have a dishwasher. So I am doing dishes by hand 3 times a day. This would just make it a tad easier. 

3. Cake cutter + server - Is this not a beautiful looking utensil?

4. Pot clip - cause I really like pigs and this would leave less mess. 

5. Herb scissors - I might be able to find more uses for them. Although I bet it is very difficult to keep them sharp and then they would just bruise the herbs. 

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