simplifying your kitchen - the breadmaker


simplifying your kitchen - the breadmaker |
I am constantly trying to declutter my kitchen. I want the least amount of gadgets, utensils, equipment, possible.

Last week I talked about how I thought the garlic press was an unneeded tool with one use that could be accomplished with other tools. This week I am talking about my bread maker.

I have had this bread maker for over ten years. It is big and bulky and sits downstairs in the basement pantry most days of the month. I don't like how bread tastes cooked in it.


It is one of those tools that I actually like enough that I cannot get rid of it. Just the other day I ran out of bread. I usually buy bread from the bakery department of our local supermarket. I love it. They have one of the best sourdough breads and they bake it fresh.

Most of the time I buy two loaves, but the other day they only had one available. So after less than a week, we were down to the last slice. And I really did not want to make a grocery run for bread. I knew it would end up being bread, and coffee, and fruit and veggies and meat and I needed to use up the food we already had.

So I went downstairs, lugged up the bread maker and made some dough. It was fantastic. It took me 5 minutes to put the ingredients in, set it to make the dough and then I walked away. Since I don't like how it tastes cooked in the machine, I simply took out the dough when it was done and baked it in the oven on a pizza stone.

If you are trying to eat more real food, and cook from scratch, I feel like a bread maker actually can help you do that. Not that you want to go out and buy one of you don't have the room and wouldn't use it, but it is much more convenient than doing it by hand and having to rise it. The machine does it all.

It is also great for making dough for pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, among other things.

So, do you have a bread maker and if so does it simplify your life? If you don't have one, would you get one?

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