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semi homemade organic peanut butter |

So I just found out (and yes, maybe I should have known) that peanuts are one of the most pesticide laden crops :( We love peanut butter and eat it often, almost daily. So to find out that something that we are consuming regularly is heavily sprayed with pesticides, it makes me want to make some changes.

We don't eat everything organic, GMO-free, local, etc. but when I can, I like to decrease the chemicals we are exposed to since there are so many that we cannot control.

I won't name our peanut butter of choice, but here is a haiku to figure things out:

It's kind of zippy
Does not make me go, Yipee!
It's not organic

I am sure you figured it out. It is the pb of choice in this house, so if I was going to convince #1 to switch peanut butters to an organic version, it would have to have the taste and consistency of his favorite. 

Organic peanut butter from the stores just doesn't cut it. They are usually grainy even though they are labeled smooth and just don't have the same flavor. So I set out to create a peanut butter similar in taste and consistency of our favorite, but made with better ingredients. 


1 cup organic peanut butter - you can buy it or make your own from peanuts
1 Tsbp. oil - I used an organic cold-pressed canola oil, but any lighter flavored oil will do
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon raw honey


Combine all ingredients and blend. The key here is the equipment. I first tried with my immersion blender, but it wasn't strong enough. So I used our nutribullet. If you want a super smooth consistency, you are going to have to use something powerful. A food processor or powerful blender should work as well. 

Would you ever consider making your own peanut butter?

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